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Our Mother Mary

There is no woman about whom the prophets prophesied or whom the Bible cared about like the Virgin St

Mary. There are numerous symbols about her in both the Old and New Testament. There are many glorifying expressions and contemplations cited about the Virgin in the books of the church fathers. How full of praise are the names by which the Church calls her, and which are inspired from the Spirit of the Holy Bible. The mother of us all, the lady of us all, the pride us all, the Queen at the right hand of the King, the Virgin, the pure, the full of grace, the powerful and compassionate mother, the mother of Light, the mother of mercy and salvation, the true vine. She is the one whom the Church elevates over the rank of archangels as we say about her in hymns:

“O Mary, you have been raised above the cherubims, and have become higher than the seraphims.”

The Virgin Mary was bred up in the temple, lived a life of prayer and contemplation since her childhood and was the sacred vessel whom the Lord has chosen to come inside her.

Long generations waited for the birth of this Virgin, so that the fullness of the time would become complete by her (Gal.4:4)

She has removed the shame of Eve.

She is the Mother of God.

She is the Virgin who came to our country (Egypt) during the childhood of Christ and inhabited our land for years, during which she sanctified it and blessed it.

She is the Virgin who appeared in Zeitoun 32 years ago and attracted crowds with her light, her appearance, and her visit to us.

She is the Virgin who makes miracles in numerous places where we celebrate feasts for her. The stories of her miracles are innumerable.

The Virgin is not a stranger to us. What a great honour it is for our church to be visited in past times by our Lady the Virgin!

There is not a human being whom Christians have loved so much as our Lady the Virgin Mary.

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